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Eczema, medically known as atopic dermatitis, leads to red, scaly patches that can become uncomfortable and increase your risk of skin infections. If you struggle with minor or severe eczema, the caring dermatologists at West Derm Center can help, with locations in White Plains, New Rochelle, and Yonkers, New York, and three clinics in the Bronx in Pelham Gardens, Kingsbridge, and Spuyten Duyvil. Click the online scheduler to book your eczema evaluation or call the office nearest you to speak with a team member directly.

Eczema Q & A

What are the symptoms of eczema?

Eczema is a serious inflammatory skin condition that affects babies, children, and adults, causing different symptoms among each group. In infants, eczema can lead to:

  • Sudden rash
  • Widespread itchiness
  • Open, oozing blisters
  • Difficulty sleeping 

For toddlers, young children, and teens, eczema can cause:

  • Rashes in the creases of elbows or knees
  • Rashes throughout the neck, legs, or wrists
  • Bumpy skin (like goosebumps)
  • Leathery skin (from scratching)
  • Chronic itching

If you’re an adult struggling with eczema, you may experience any of the following issues:

  • Rashes that cover much of your body, especially creases
  • Red, scaly patches around your eyes
  • Extremely dry skin
  • Flaky, scaly skin
  • Nonstop itch

Without proper treatment, eczema increases your risk of serious skin infections. Even if your eczema seems minor or infrequent, come into West Derm Center for an evaluation. 

Why do I have eczema?

Eczema is much more common among children. This chronic condition usually begins before kindergarten age and lingers into adulthood. It’s uncommon for eczema to start when you’re an adult.

In any case, the team at West Derm Center finds that your risk of struggling with eczema increases due to:

  • Family history of eczema
  • Personal history of asthma or hay fever
  • Living in a highly polluted area

Eczema affects both men and women, although women have a slightly higher risk. 

How does a dermatologist treat eczema?

The dedicated dermatologists at West Derm Center encourage you to come in as soon as possible if you or your child develop eczema symptoms or have a history of eczema flare-ups. Depending on the severity of your eczema, your dermatologist may recommend:

  • Immunotherapy (allergy shots) 
  • Prescription-strength anti-itch creams
  • Loosening and removing scaly patches
  • Topical or oral antibiotic medications for infections

Your dermatologist at West Derm Center also counsels you on how to soothe itchy skin at home. Using specialized moisturizers, applying cool compresses, and avoiding fragranced soaps can all help minimize eczema issues. 

Before eczema affects you another day, contact West Derm Center for an evaluation. You can conveniently schedule through the website or over the phone with the clinic nearest you today.

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