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Acne Laser Treatments

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With the groundbreaking technology behind modern medical lasers, you can resolve just about any skin imperfection without surgery. At West Derm Center, you meet with a dedicated dermatologist who helps design your personalized laser treatment package. You’ll find locations in White Plains, New Rochelle, and Yonkers, New York, as well as their clinics in the Bronx, in Pelham Gardens and Riverdale. To get started on your laser treatment package, book a consultation through the website or call the clinic nearest you directly.

Laser Treatments Q & A

What are the benefits of laser treatments?

Laser treatments can restore your skin to a more youthful state while resolving any unsightly blemishes you want to target. Personalized laser treatments can treat and minimize the appearance of:

  • Spider and varicose veins
  • Scars, including acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation issues
  • Stretch marks 
  • Vascular lesions 
  • Facial veins 
  • Age spots
  • Melasma 

You can even get rid of unwanted body hair with laser treatments. Each platform has specialized handpieces that are designed to target different conditions. 

Laser treatments typically take about 20-30 minutes to complete. Aside from a little skin sensitivity — applying broad-spectrum sunscreen afterward is important — you won’t have any downtime and can go about your daily routine. 

How do laser treatments work?

West Derm Center is home to some of the most up-to-date laser platforms on the market. Some of the systems available include: 


Aerolase is known as the gold standard of the medical laser world. Treatments with this platform gently vaporize your skin’s outer layer and stimulate a series of natural healing processes. 


CoolTouch delivers laser energy that stimulates collagen production. Treatments with this revolutionary system are highly effective for firming and tightening your skin. 

Candela™ Vbeam® Perfecta 

The Vbeam Perfecta system uses pulsed-dye laser technology to break apart vascular and pigmented lesions. One of the most popular treatments with this system is endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), which is minimally invasive, yet highly successful for getting rid of stubborn varicose veins. 

Will I need more than one laser treatment?

It depends on what you want to treat. Your dermatologist at West Derm Center carefully examines your skin and discusses your desired outcome with you. Most laser treatments take at least 2-3 sessions to achieve your optimal results.

For anti-aging laser treatments, your dermatologist may also recommend coming into West Derm Center once or twice each year for maintenance to help you stay ahead of the effects of aging.

West Derm Center provides the most advanced laser skin treatments available. Get started on your personalized service by booking an exam online or by phone with any office today.

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