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Removal Of Cyst

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A cyst is a small lump filled with fluid. There are several types of cysts that can affect the skin or other parts of the body. There are three primary types of skin cysts.

  • Epidermal cysts
  • Trichilemmal cysts, which occur on the scalp
  • Milia, which are very small and typically occur on the face. 


An abnormal, usually noncancerous growth filled with liquid or a semisolid substance, sometimes causing pain.

Most cysts form for no apparent reason. Some of the known causes of cysts include:

  • Blocked ducts, which cause a build-up of fluid
  • A defect in the cells
  • An impact injury that pops a blood vessel
  • A parasite.


If left untreated, benign cysts can lead to a range of serious complications, including blood poisoning.

Surgical removal is the most common treatment.

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